Monday, January 28, 2008

Tulsa College of Law Opens New Clinic to teach students Social Entrepreneurship

The Tulsa College of Law has started a new law clinic experience, called the "Social Enterprise and Economic Development (SEED) project, designed to give students real world experience with the organization and operation of nonprofit organizations.  Here is a snippet from a recent online article.

[Professor Patience] Crowder said there is a trend among law schools to go “beyond the traditional notion of what lawyers are and what folks are familiar with, recognizing that once people graduate, practice is often very different from what they experienced in law school.”
TU’s new clinic allows enrolled students to practice transactional law with small businesses, community groups and nonprofits as clients.  Crowder said clinic students will do everything from tax-exempt applications to working with nonprofit organizations that have social entrepreneurship or business-minded missions.
Congratulations to Tulsa and Professor Crowder.  We need more programs like this.  If you have such a program or any other innovative ways to teach about nonprofit organizations, please drop us a line so we can publicize it.

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I currently interning at Ashoka and I know they have a program called Law for All that is trying facilitate this kind of experience/trend.

Posted by: Dave | Jan 29, 2008 7:20:48 AM

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