Monday, January 14, 2008

SCLC Fails to File Form 990s

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference has acknowledged failing to file timely IRS Form 990s for one or more years.  The article states that the IRS has no record of a filing by the 50-year old civil rights organization for any year after the fiscal year that ended in June 2004.  SCLC officials said that the SCLC had filed a return for the year that ended in June 2005, but acknowledged that the SCLC had not filed returns for later years.  SCLC President Charles Steele noted that the group had been in transition for 18 months and based in temporary housing as new offices were being built.  He said the SCLC would file the late documents within 45 days and make them public, as required by law.  According to the article, the SCLC has raised more than $6 million over the past three years, including $3.3 million for its new headquarters.


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