Saturday, December 15, 2007

Will Retired Boomers Volunteer?

The Urban Institute has issued research briefs addressing volunteerism among older adults.  The research briefs use data from the Health and Retirement Survey.

Will Retiring Boomers Form a New Army of Volunteers? by Sheila R. Zedlewski uses the data to show that a significant number of retirees begin volunteering after they retire.  As the boomers reach retirement age, charities should benefit.

Are We Taking Full Advantage of Older Adults' Potential, by Sheila R. Zedlewski and Barbara Butrica, notes that in 2004 more than 10 million healthy adults did not work or volunteer.  That group represents an untapped source of volunteers.

Volunteer Transitions among Older Americans, and Retaining Older Volunteers Is Key to Meeting Future Volunteer Needs, by Barbara Butrica, Richard W. Johnson, and Sheila R. Zedlewski, both examine entries into and exits from volunteering by adults from age 55 to 65 and note the importance of developing retention strategies. 


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