Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pakistani Organization - Charity, Terrorist Group, or a Little of Each?

A Dec. 18, 2007  Los Angeles Times article describes growing U.S. concern about a Pakistani charity that may be supporting terrorists.  Shortly after being declared a terrorist organization in Dec. 2001, Lashkar-e-Taiba disbanded.  The founders of the disbanded organization created a new organization, Jamaat ud-Dawa (which translates roughly as the Islamic Missionary Organization).  The new organization operates as a humanitarian organization, helping Pakistanis recover from the 2005 earthquake and providing a variety of social services.  The U.S. says that the organization also operates training camps for terrorists and supports terrorists, including the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  The U.S. designated Jamaat ud-Dawa a terrorist organization in April 2006, and fears that the organization is becoming more directly involved in terrorist activities.  At the same time the charity continues to raise money for its humanitarian projects.  The question is how much of the money is diverted to terrorist support and whether anything can be done about it.



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