Wednesday, December 12, 2007

David Pozen Posts "We are All Entrepreneurs Now"

David Pozen, a Heyman Fellow at Yale Law School and a member of Senator Edward Kennedy's staff, recently posted "We Are All Entrepreneurs Now." (draft).  Wake Forest University Law School made a great decision to accept it for publication.  Here is the abstract from the draft:

A funny thing happened to the entrepreneur in legal, business, and social science scholarship. She strayed from her capitalist roots, took on more and more functions that have little to do with starting or running a business, and became wildly popular in the process. Nowadays, "social entrepreneurs" tackle civic problems through innovative methods, "policy entrepreneurs" promote new forms of government action, "norm entrepreneurs" seek to change the way society thinks or behaves, and "moral entrepreneurs" try to alter the boundaries of duty or compassion. "Ethnification entrepreneurs," "polarization entrepreneurs," and other newfangled spinoffs pursue more discrete objectives. Entrepreneurial rhetoric has never been so trendy or so plastic. This Article documents the proliferation of entrepreneurs in the American academic idiom, and it offers some reflections on the causes and consequences of this trend.

David has been unusually interested in nonprofit and tax exempt organizations since his early law school days -- I know because I have emails from him dating back a few years.  We will definitely hear more from him over the years. 


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