Friday, November 30, 2007

Toronto Charity For the Poor Accused of Tax Shelter Scheme

The Toronto Star reported on Friday, November 30, 2007, that International Charity Association Network (ICAN) is "forbidden from issuing tax receipts, and must itself warn people who still want to donate that it is under suspension."  The article states that the charity "claims to have given $244 million in aid to the poor - but hasn't provided the proof to back that up."  See the full story, "Toronto Charity ICAN Suspended by Federal Regulator," in the November 30, 2007, issue of the Toronto Star.


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More on the application of the intermidiate sanctions in Canada:

On November 29, 2007, CRA announced that it had issued a Notice of Suspension to International Charity Association Network (ICAN), a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (the “ITA”), for a period of one-year period, commencing November 28, 2007 (see CRA Issues Notice of Suspension to International Charity Association Network: As a result of the 2004 Budget, the CRA was provided with new authority to impose intermediate sanctions, including suspension, on registered charities effective for taxation years beginning after March 22, 2004. The suspension of charitable status imposed upon ICAN appears to be the first sanction of this sort imposed by CRA since the introduction of the intermediate sanctions.

In this instance, the Notice of Suspension has been issued pursuant to subsection 188.2(3) of the ITA, which provides that a registered charity under suspension:

may not issue official donation receipts for gifts it may receive, is no longer a qualified donee as defined by the ITA must, before accepting a gift, inform the donor that it has received a Notice of Suspension, that it is not a qualified donee, and that no official donation receipt may be issued for gifts received.

See Charity law Bulletin 117 entitled “Guidelines for Applying the New Intermediate Sanctions for Charities,” available at, for a detailed discussion of CRA’s guidelines for the application of intermediate sanctions.

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