Friday, November 30, 2007

New Blog by Professors of Nonprofit and Philanthropy Law

December 1, 2007, marks the initial launch of Nonprofit Law Prof Blog. This blog is a blog devoted primarily to matters that are of interest to law professors who teach and write in the area of nonprofit law, philanthropy law or related areas. The blog is edited by eight law professors from all over the United States, including University of Georgia (David Brennen), Stetson University (Darryll Jones), Notre Dame University (Lloyd Maher), Ohio State University (Garry Jenkins), University of Oregon (Susan Gary), Texas Tech University (Vaughn James), Howard University (Alice Thomas), and Indiana University - Indianapolis (Robert Katz). The editors teach and write in vast areas of law related to nonprofits and philanthropy, including tax law, estate law, politics and law, charitable giving, charitable and nonprofit governance, religion and law, family law, mediation, corporate leadership and many other areas. Collectively, the editors of this blog represent authors of many books and law review articles, a reporter for a uniform law commission, an adviser to a major nonprofit law reform effort, current and former leaders of a variety of national nonprofits, and former practitioners from nationally renowned nonprofit law firms. We hope that you will regularly visit the Nonprofit Law Prof Blog. And remember, if you teach or write in the area of nonprofit or philanthropy law and publish a book or an article, give a talk, serve on a panel, receive a special appointment, are hosting a conference, have a teaching issue or if you just want to raise an issue for discussion, please feel free to visit the blog or contact me or any of the other editors of the blog (our contact information is on the front page of the blog).


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