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Monday, July 14, 2014

Things that should not be written

Life tip.  You should never ever write anything remotely resembling the following in an email: 

Well boys....went to the Sox game with a friend of mine tonight. He seems to think that AMSC has a $100 million deal with China that should be signed very shortly. It could be done in the next few days … if it is not done/announced by Thursday, it will not be announced until the week of the 12th because all of China shuts down on vacation for 10 days – starting Friday. This announcement should spike them close to 10%. Furthermore, circle October 29th for the next big day…it could/should be as good as the last one, provided the market cooperates that day.

I like Pinot Noir and love steak….looking forward to getting paid

Good Luck …. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And, after that stock tip starts to pay off, definitely don't write this in an email to your co-conspirators:

Nice profitable day for the boys. So when should I report in on which restaurant and massage parlor I want to be treated to?

Massage parlors for men is not a good look. But, do you know what is really not a good look? This:

Parigian: STOP!!!!!

McPhail: OK ….. I will keep this info to myself from now on.

Drohen : I’m still listening, tell dougy [Parigian] to stop whining . . . . 

McPhail: I can only get the inside info … can’t control if it goes up or down (emphasis added)

Wait.  It's 2014, right? People know that email and texts are forever, right? Just because you delete it on your phone doesn't mean it's gone. You know that right?  I mean, what do you think they're doing in Utah?!

Anyway, the SEC filed suit against a group of Massachusetts golfing buddies for insider trading.  You know the rest.



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