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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Unacquired

You've heard of the acqui-hire -- the acquisition where the real goal is not to buy the company or its products but to get access to its real value, its people.  But, but...what if your company gets acqui-hired and everyone gets a job, except you? 

That's the secret shame of the unaquired:

"Google was interested in buying my 5 person company for our team. They hired everyone but me." ...

Amy was heartbroken. Since joining the company, she had been paid a salary of $60,000, half what her male colleagues made. Under the terms of Google's offer, Amy's start-up received enough money to pay back its original investors, plus about $10,000 in cash for each employee. Amy's CEO was hired as a mid-level manager, and her engineering colleagues were given offers from Google that came with $250,000 salaries and significant signing bonuses. She was left jobless, with only $10,000 and a bunch of worthless stock.



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