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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dell goes dark

In case you missed it, Dell completed its going private transation on Wednesday. On Thursday it requested deregistration of its securities and so...poof. It's gone. Now there's a lengthy blow-by-blow offered up by Bloomberg on the deal went down. I guess it's appropriate that they publish it on Halloween, cause this is how investment banker Jimmy Lee described Dell's going private journey:

“This is a guy from Austin who founded his own technology company and now he is on Wall Street trying to buy it out and he is entering an unknown world,” Lee, 61, said.

“It’s like going into a haunted house,” he said, “and every time you go around a corner some ghost pops up, and then a witch flies down on a broom, and then you go into another room and some devil tries to stab you with a pitchfork.”

Boo!  Happy Halloween to the kiddies.



P.S.  Go Sawx!


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