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Friday, April 13, 2012

Reverse Termination Fee study

regular readers know that Afra and I have a thing for reverse termination fees.  The Practical Law Company just released a "what's market" study on reverse termination fees - Reverse Break-up Fees and Specific Performance: A Survey of Remedies in Leveraged Public Deals.   There's a lot in there.  One point of interest is the extent to which reverse termination fees are now making regular appearances in strategic deals - more than 51% of deals in their sample. 

There's data on relative sizes of reverse termination fees, etc.  The study is worth more than a look - download it!  For those of you who aren't as interested in RTF as Afra and I, you can move along.

It's opening day in Boston -  funny enough with a 1-5 start - people around here are already jumping on the panic button.  Too early?  Have a great weekend - spend as much of it at a ball park as possible.



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