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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Conrad Black: not a Strine fan

Conrad Black thinks Leo Strine is "an opinionated, self-gratified hip-shooter."  This from Black's new memoir, Strine as "radical" protector of shareholders:


And his lawyers from S&C were just naifs with respect to the courts in Delaware:


Do you think Lord Black is a fan of Hillbilly Handfishin?  I don't.  If all this isn't bad enough, Black disses Chancellor Strine in the memoir with his own (somewhat dated) cultural references.  


O.J.?!  Judge Ito?!  That's going below the belt! I guess you can read it all here if you'd like.



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I read the book and as an m&a lawyer frankly I agree with a lot--certainly not all--of what Black said. If you read Strine's thoughts on the Black case, you would think this was an open and shut case of evil doing and corporate opportunity run amuck. It was much more complicated than that. As a general matter I think Strine is PC to the core, and somewhat irresponsible and flippant in his opinions. He certainly takes liberties with his characterizations of facts. He sets them out tendentiously to support whatever he wants to say, usually with a rhetorical flourish designed to entertain rather than illuminate. He needs to cool his jets and stop taking himself so seriously.

Posted by: BL | Nov 10, 2011 6:56:53 AM

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