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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Healthcare M&A Traps

McDermott's M&A Newsletter offers five traps in healthcare M&A.  Down at number 5?  Approval by the Pope!  I'm not kidding:

A significant segment of nonprofit health care operations in the United States is affiliated with the Catholic Church.  According to the Catholic Health Association, there are more than 600 Catholic hospitals and 1,400 long term care and other health care facilities operating in the United States. Health care entities affiliated with the Catholic Church must obtain the approval of the Holy See – the “headquarters” of the Catholic Church in Rome – before entering into certain transactions.  This approval, called an “Indult,” is issued after the party selling or otherwise transferring property prepares an intricate application to the Holy See, usually under the guidance of an expert in Canon (church) law.  Approval of Indult requests can take weeks or even months to obtain, potentially impacting the timing of a deal if not thought out in advance.




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