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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Annual HSR Report

The FTC's annual report on enforcement of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act is out now.  You can download it now.  Some interesting tidbits, including this figure:


In recent days, you've no doubt heard talk of the new merger wave - how business seems to have turned around and the prospect that businesses might be about ready to unleash the $3 billion on their books as a private stimulus.  Indeed, the number of deals is up 20% or so this year.  Looking at the figure above puts all that talk into some context.  We're nowhere near the salad days of the Internet bubble in 2000 or even the height of the credit bubble in 2007.  If things are turning around, no one should think those days will be back anytime soon. 

What else?  Well, there may not be nearly as many deals, but the FTC is busy - enforcement is up, way up: 

The FTC's annual report is worth downloading and reading if for no other reason it will give you some insight on how the current FTC is approaching the question of pre-merger clearance.



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