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Friday, September 24, 2010

There's an App for That

Just the other day one of my students dropped by my office and made an embarrassing admission.  Seems he will be joining the corporate department of a big law firm after graduation and ... well ... he said that when the associates were talking "shop" over lunch during the summer that it all sounded like Japanese to him.  He is afraid that being an English major in college is just about to catch with him.  

Well, don't worry, cause there's an app for that -- Latham & Watkins "Book of Jargon."  Download it now so you never have to guess what a "Macaroni Defense" is or what "KFC" stands for.  I'll admit I wracked my brain for minutes and then gave up. I had never heard of the KFC acronym before.  I looked it up in the Book of Jargon and apparently it means "Kentucky Fried Chicken."   Is that a new deal structure? 



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