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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Astellas Hostile Offer

Astellas Pharma launched a hostile offer for OSI Pharmaceuticals yesterday.  In conjunction with the offer, Astellas filed suit in the Delaware Chancery Court seeking to have the board pull its pill.  Astellas' central claim is that OSI brushed off its offer without considering it.  From the complaint:

The Director Defendants failed to conduct a good faith and reasonable investigation of Astellas Pharma’s offer. Instead, the Director Defendants summarily refused to engage Astellas Pharma in a meaningful dialogue and failed to reasonably inform themselves about Astellas Pharma’s offer. The Director Defendants could not possibly be well informed concerning the offers that they have flatly rejected because they have declined to engage in any meaningful discussion or negotiation with Astellas Pharma, either directly or through their legal and financial advisors, to learn more about Astellas Pharma’s offer. This failure to conduct a good faith and reasonable investigation of Astellas Pharma’s offer is a violation of the Director Defendants’ fiduciary duties.

 Presumably, sometime over the next 10 days the OSI board will meet to review the Schedule TO that's now on file with the SEC and inform themselves about the offer.  Once they do that, it won't leave much for Astellas to complain about.



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