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Friday, January 8, 2010

Worst Deals of the Century?

Hot on the heels of Gerald Levin's claiming the mantle of the "worst deal of the century", the Telegraph (UK) helpfully puts together its own shortlist of "worst deals" of this century.  Given that the century started in 2000, that's only about a decade's worth of bad deals to choose from.  Here's their list (with an obvious European bias):

1. AOL - Time Warner
2. Vodaphone - Mannesmann
3. France Telecom - Orange
4. Vivendi - Seagram
5. RBS - ABN Amro

Is that it?  Let's let the crowd speak and a hundred flowers bloom.  What do you think are the worst deals of the century?  I'll leave comments open for nominations to compete with this list for the worst deal of the century!  Remember the deal has to have been closed after January 1, 2000.



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Cerberus's acquisition of Chrysler.

Posted by: Steve | Jan 8, 2010 7:43:35 AM

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