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Sunday, October 25, 2009

BAC-ML: More E-Mail

OK, so now that BAC has started turning over internal e-mails to the House Committee on Oversight, it's not looking so good ... especially for the lawyers.  Law.com/Corporate Counsel has had access to the e-mail and it's quite a tangled web. 

The e-mails show that early on the morning of Dec. 19 [Eric] Roth [, a litigation partner at Wachtell] advised the bank's chief executive, Ken Lewis, and its interim general counsel, Brian Moynihan, on how difficult and financially risky it would be to try to invoke a so-called MAC -- or material adverse change -- clause, which would allow the bank to get out of the merger with Merrill.

But another e-mail from associate general counsel Teresa Brenner to Moynihan, sent several hours later and on the same day as Roth's e-mail, says, "Eric made a very strong case as to why there was a MAC" during a conference call with some officials from the Federal Reserve.

Later, Roth writes another e-mail to the legal/business team:

The e-mail says any attempt to invoke the MAC would certainly cause Merrill to file suit. Roth then lists a half dozen reasons why Merrill's arguments could prevail in court. It lists no argument in Bank of America's favor. But perhaps the most compelling fact on the list was this one: The merger deal is governed by Delaware law and "no Delaware court has ever found that a MAC occurred permitting an acquiror to terminate a merger agreement."

Yeah, this isn't turning out well for the lawyers.  It's looking like on the one side you had Treasury and the Fed saying do this deal or the economy goes down the tube and then on the other side BAC trying to come up with arguments to get the Treasury/Fed to subsidize what at the time was looking like a bad deal.  All the time, the shareholders were told nothing.



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