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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Big Deal: GM & Chrysler

Stephen Lubben at Seton Hall has a new paper, No Big Deal: The GM and Chrysler Cases in Context in which he takes on the critics of the government's intervention into GM and Chrysler.  It's well worth reading.

Abstract: Almost every leading corporate bankruptcy academic has spoken against the automotive bankruptcy cases. And the Chrysler and GM chapter 11 cases have been vilified in every major finance-focused media outlet - by everyone from Ralph Nader to Richard Epstein. In this short paper, originally written for the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel, I address the key academic arguments against the automotive chapter 11 cases and contextualize what happened in these two cases. Stripped of their speculation and 'what ifs,' I show that these arguments are no more persuasive than the loose, unsupported arguments thrown about in the popular press. But first, I show how these cases, and particularly their structure - a quick lender-controlled ยง363 sale - are entirely within the mainstream of chapter 11 practice for the last decade.



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