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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clear Channel Divestiture Documents

Competitive Impact Statement


Hold Separate Order


Seems to be a lot of rigamorole on this, but read the explanation -- this is standard operating procedure and Bain and Thomas H. Lee have signed off on all of it. 


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Steven - thanks for the links

Law Prof link to the Stipulation and Order placed on yahoo this pm, with some clear- English interpretation ,,,


will post more of ur links, but not all in one day ,,, if I did that, would run out of material too fast

I've been dribbling DOJ info, w/ clear English interpretation, to the yahoo board over the last 2 weeks, as an aid to quelling shareholder anxieties (as generally there is no news) in face of continued volatile CCU share trading.

More-intelligent readers seem to be understanding the explained materials, and don't seem concerned with PPS price swings while the DOJ process proceeds

FEB options expiring this week, and calendar roll-outs, creating volatility this week, it seems

regards ,,,

Posted by: Mike | Feb 14, 2008 11:28:18 AM

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