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Monday, December 10, 2007

Genesco Trial Starts Today

The Genesco trial begins today. It appears that we are going to have our first MAC decision out of the August credit crunch. I am personally excited as we are also likely to get some guidance out of the industry exclusion condition in MAC clauses -- something sorely needed.  And it is no coincidence that it is coming out of an industry, and not a private equity, deal. 

For those who want a summary of the issues see my Handy-Dandy Genesco Litigation Organizer. I'll also have commentary on the comings and goings. In addition, per this court order the CVN Network? will be running a live feed. The order notes that there will be no confidential information presented at trial which likely means that Finish Line and UBS do not have a smoking gun.  Meanwhile, for those wondering what is driving this litigation UBS reportedly received an $11.5 billion injection of capital today and took an unexpected $10 billion write-down. 


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