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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Stemler on Implications of the CDA on Liability Within the Sharing Economy @MillenialProf1

Abbey Stemler, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business, Department of Business Law, has published Death by Ten Thousand Duckbites? Implications of the Communications Decency Act on Liability within the Sharing Economy. Here is the abstract.

The Communications Decency Act (CDA) is a 1996 law that has been used as an immunity shield for online platforms, especially those in the sharing economy. Stretched beyond recognition to protect companies from everything from fraud to invasion of privacy claims, it is now time to revisit this antiquated law. This Article explores the legislative history of the CDA, its current applications and limitations, and international approaches to platform liability. It concludes by presenting model legislation to improve the CDA.

The full text is not available from SSRN.

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