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Monday, July 7, 2014

Media React To Google's Attempts To Put ECJ's Costeja Gonzalez Ruling Into Effect

Various British media, including the BBC and the Guardian, are critizing Google's implementation of the ECJ ruling, Google v. Costeja Gonz├ílez. The court's opinion requires that search engine companies delete links to outdated, irrelevant, or incorrect information retrieved through searches if a private individual so requests, based on the EU's data protection directive which was at issue in the case. 

Google admits that its attempts to comply with the ruling so far have led to some stumbles as it has struggled to apply the principles laid down in the case. It has received thousands of requests to delete links, and has assigned paralegals, not lawyers, to assess the requests. Some media outlets, however, say that deletion of links means that readers have difficulty in finding media content. In addition, some requests for removal come not from parties who have the right to request removal, but from third parties. 

Discussion here on the response of the Republic of Ireland Data Protection Commissioner's Office; analysis from Jonathan Linsdell's blog CIVITAS here,  link to the ruling here.

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