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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UK Government, Press, Still At Odds Over Regulation and Reform

The battle continues to rage over UK press regulation in the wake of the conclusion of the Leveson press inquiry. The media has proposed its own solutions to Parliament after the Leveson report came out, the government rejected those ideas, countering with its own plans. The press would like, in particular, more options for arbitration as opposed to litigation with unhappy plaintiffs. The press also maintains that regulation suggests that the era of a free press is over and that such a state of affairs would not be tolerated in the United States. Meanwhile, Brian Cathcart, a journalism professor and co-founder of Hacked Off, a group advocating for more control of the media, says the mainstream press is engaging in "delaying" tactics.  Coverage of the Leveson Inquiry from the Guardian here, more on the thumbs-down of the press's suggestions here.

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