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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fox To FCC: Abandon Indecency Policy

From the Hollywood Reporter: Fox has filed comments with the FCC asking for an end to the agency's current policy of regulating indecency. Fox said in part,

"Fox urges the Commission to conclude that it is legally required, and logically bound, to cease attempting to enforce broadcast indecency limits once and for all. Time and technology have marched inexorably forward, but the Commission’s untenable effort to define indecent content through a hodgepodge of inconsistent and uneven rulings remains stuck in a bygone era. Whatever validity may once have existed for indecency regulation, the time clearly has arrived to lay rest to the anachronistic notion that broadcast stations deserve anything less than the full First Amendment protection bestowed on all speakers by the Constitution."


The agency asked for comments concerning changes to its policy in April after the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Fox v. FCC. More here on reaction to the FCC request for comments from Newsmax.

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