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Sunday, March 3, 2013


The video tugged at our heartstrings. Well, why wouldn't it? A baby goat was trapped in the water, its little hoof presumably stuck someplace, and it was crying out for help. Where was its mother? Who would come to its rescue? Then, suddenly, out of nowhere (apparently), came Hero Pig, paddling away mightily, to free Baby Goat and lead it to safety! Hooray! As it turns out, the entire thing was staged by the folks at "Nathan for You," a new show airing on Comedy Central. Well, we should have suspected. The thing was too perfect. A pig on the scene that just happened to have goat rescue and survival training? A camera operator on hand? And yet no human around (except that camera person, apparently) to jump into the pond to save The Kid? Yup, smacks of Hollywood all over when you think about it...

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