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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Defamation Suit Filed Against Law Prof

Look out, legal academics. One of your number is again in the hot seat. Robert Catalanello has sued Zachary Kramer, Associate Deam for Intellectual Life and Professor of Law at Arizona State College of Law, for defamation. Mr. Catalanello claims that Professor Kramer defamed him in an article Professor Kramer published in the Washington University Law Review and in a related talk at Western New England University School of Law. The allegations stem from Professor Kramer's analysis of a case brought by one of Mr. Catalanello's employees, Ryan Pacficico. That case is apparently still being litigated. Read the complaint here (courtesy of the ABA Journal).

Compare with the lawsuit filed two years ago by Professor Karin Calvo-Goller after Professor Joseph Weiler, editor of the European Journal of International Law, refused to retract a book review of Professor Calvo-Goller's book, a review she thought was defamatory. He offered her the right of rebuttal, but she sued. A French court found in his favor, and awarded him 8,000 Euros in damages. More here from the Chronicle of Higher Education (including a link to the court's ruling).

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