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Saturday, July 14, 2012

NAB Files To Stay FCC Order Requiring Disclosure of Sales of Political Ads

The National Association of Broadcasters has filed a motion to stay the FCC's order that television broadcasters publish their sales of political ads on a centralized site. Here is a link to the emergency motion. Here is a link to the FCC Order.

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Court: No Privacy Interest In Some Tweets: Twitter Must Hand Them Over

A New York trial court has ruled that there is no privacy interest in public tweets 180 days old or more. If the government wants to see public tweets newer than that, it should get a search warrant. The case is People v. Harris.

In general, court orders have no limitations on the types of information to be
disclosed (18 USC §2703[d]). The SCA mandates different standards that the
government must satisfy to compel a provider to disclose various types of
information (18 USC §2703). To compel a provider of ECS to disclose contents of
communication in its possession that are in temporary "electronic storage" for
180 days or less, the government must obtain a search warrant (18 USC §2703[a]).
A court order must compel a provider of ECS to disclose contents in electronic
storage for greater than 180 days or to compel a provider of RCS to disclose its
contents (18 USC §2703[a], [b], and [d]). The law governing compelled disclosure
also covers the above mentioned non-content records. The rules are the same for
providers of ECS and RCS and the government can obtain a §2703(d) order to
compel such non-content information (18 USC §2703 [c][1][B]).

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Chicago Tribune Out of Bankruptcy

The Chicago Tribune emerges from bankruptcy after nearly four years, with the blessings of a judge. More here from the Hollywood Reporter.

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Those Expensive Pocket Trackers

The New York Times on how our cell phones have become expensive peek-yous.  Peter Maass and Megha Pajagopalan suggest we call cell phones what they are--"trackers.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

King Pardons Translator

The King of Thailand has pardoned Joe Gordon, an American citizen, who was convicted last year of lese-majeste for translating parts of a biography of the sovereign and posting it on his blog. The book, The King Never Smiles, is banned in Thailand.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ofcom Investigating "Big Brother" Complaints

The UK regulator Ofcom is looking into complaints that Channel 5's show Big Brother has aired racist incidents after the show aired episodes which included scenes of contestants who called one black competitor a "gorilla" and another, the current Miss India UK, an expletive. Ofcom has received nearly 1500 complaints about the show this season. This is the second time in recent seasons that the show has caused a sensation; in 2007 when the show aired on Channel 4, it received more than 45,000 complaints over comments made by the late Jade Goody and others to Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty. Members of the House of Commons eventually took notice and Channel 4 investigated and Ofcom investigated. Ofcom eventually ruled that Channel 4's handling of the incidents was inappropriate.


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