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Friday, April 22, 2011

Strike: The Writers Guild, SAG, the Studios, and the Labor Disputes of 2007-2009

Jonathan Handel, TroyGould & the Hollywood Reporter, has published Hollywood on Strike! (Excerpts), Los Angeles, Hollywood Analytics (2011). Here is the abstract.

The Writers Guild went on strike in 2007. The big issue: fees for programs released on new media such as the Internet. The strike was settled one hundred turbulent days later – but then the Screen Actors Guild spiraled out of control, unwilling to accept the same terms but unable to muster a second strike. As the national economy collapsed, idled writers and actors sacrificed millions of dollars in film and TV wages in order to pursue pennies in new media. All told, the turmoil lasted about two years.

But why? Analyzing events as they unfolded, Los Angeles entertainment attorney and journalist Jonathan Handel lays bare the contracts, economics and politics swirling behind the paradox of Hollywood labor relations.

The 580-page book "Hollywood on Strike!" includes 80 pages of reference materials: abbreviations/glossary, graphic timeline, index, and more.

This SSRN paper is the graphic timeline from the book. It's an essential reference for anyone studying or researching the 2007-2009 labor turmoil in Hollywood.

Download the pages from SSRN at the link.

I purchased and have read this book, and recommend Mr. Handel's narrative and valuable analysis for anyone wanting to track the progress of the strike and its aftermath.

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