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Friday, October 1, 2010

Matt Dillon Sues Producers Over "Crash"

Actor Matt Dillon has sued Bob Yari and the other producers of the Oscar winning film Crash over what he says are unpaid profits due him from the nearly $100 million-grossing film. Mr. Dillon is the latest in a series of unhappy folks associated with the movie who have sued over what they allege are profits that they never received. In its article about the Dillon litigation, the Hollywood Reporter asks, "Is "Crash" the most-litigated movie in Hollywood history?" I don't know about that: the film that has attracted the most lawsuits recently might be another movie with a one-word title (at least when you abbreviate it to fit on a marquee): Borat formal title: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan). That one drew lawsuits from students in South Carolina who said the filmmakers tricked them, some other folks who thought the filmmakers had misrepresented themselves as documentarians, a man filmed over a bathroom scene (deleted but later shown over cable and the Internet), and Jeffrey Lemerond, who was unhappy about his portrayal in the film as "fleeing in apparent terror" from the main character. And finally, in November, 2006, lawyers filed on behalf of villagers in Glod, Romania, who portrayed Kazakhs in the film, alleging that the movie's creators depicted them in an unflattering light and lied to them. lists these and other lawsuits (some dismissed), but I'm tired and my head is spinning.

Turns out someone has even written an article: See Panda Kroll, Teaching through a Study of the Borat Litigation, 3(4) Journal of the World Universities Forum 127-146.

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