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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jean-Luc Godard and the Case of the Internet Pirate

Famed filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard is trying to assist photographer and Internet pirate James Climent, who owes 20,000 Euros for violating copyright laws. Mr. Godard wants to help Mr. Climent take his case to the European Court of Human Rights, where Mr. Climent hopes to overturn his conviction. Mr. Godard said in a recent interview, "Copyright (sic) really isn’t feasible...An author has no rights. I have no rights. I have only duties." ("Le droit d’auteur, vraiment c’est pas possible. Un auteur n’a aucun droit. Je n’ai aucun droit. Je n’ai que des devoirs.") More here from the New York Times.

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