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Friday, April 23, 2010

DVD For a Friday: Perry Mason and the Case of the Media Mogul

The new set of Perry Mason DVDs (season 5, volume 1) includes an episode called "The Case of the Jealous Journalist," with guest stars Linden Chiles, as Joe Davies, new publisher of the fictional "Los Angeles Chronicle," who takes over following the tragic but accidental death of his uncle Adam York, Denver Pyle as Tilden Stuart, also involved in the running of the Chronicle, and Irene Hervey, as Grace Davies, sister of the deceased Adam, and another member of the family controlling the media company. Perry is the attorney entrusted with media law matters following York's death. It's not long before someone gets murdered, and Perry's off and running to defend the (obviously innocent) Joe.  Another reliable entry in the continuing set of DVDs from the Perry Mason stable, although how in the world Perry is such an expert in so many areas of law I will never understand.

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