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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tennis Pro Sues Paper For Derogatory Statements About His Playing

Robert Dee is suing the Daily Telegraph for labelling him the "World's Worst" tennis player. Mr. Dee says the newspaper's statements suggest "that he unreasonably and unrealistically persists in a career as a professional �tennis player which is an expensive waste of money and doomed to failure". In one article, the Telegraph reported that Mr. Dee lost 54 matches in a row. The player admits that bad run but says that he also had "modest success" at the game over the time period in Spain. His lawyer argues that such a categorization has also unfairly colored his employment prospects as a potential coach.

The newspaper, however, defends its statements and plans to call witnesses such as world tennis names Boris Becker and John Lloyd.

Other papers, including the Guardian, which have commented unfavorably on Mr. Dee's win record have already apologized to him and paid damages.

Read more about the trial here in an article in the Guardian.

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