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Friday, September 11, 2009

Picking Sides In the Google Settlement

The Chronicle of Higher Education has this survey of who's on which side in the fight over the Google book settlement. Meanwhile, the Copyright Office has come out against the deal. Said MaryBeth Peters, Registrar of Copyrights, in part:

In the view of the Copyright Office, the settlement proposed by the parties would encroach on responsibility for copyright policy that traditionally has been the domain of Congress. The settlement is not merely a compromise of existing claims, or an agreement to compensate past copying and snippet display. Rather, it could affect the exclusive rights of millions of copyright owners, in the United States and abroad, with respect to their abilities to control new products and new markets, for years and years to come. We are greatly concerned by the parties’ end run around legislative process and prerogatives, and we submit that this Committee should be equally concerned.

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