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Thursday, July 23, 2009

ASA Turns Down Spicy Sausage Ads

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has told Mattesons and its ad agency Quiet Storm that its "saucy sausages" were a no go, at least when children are listening. The commercials, which feature a man asking women where they would "like to stick" their sausages, are unsuitable for the hours when children are watching television. The company said its ads were "tongue in cheek," and unlikely to be misunderstood by children "because the innuendo was not explicit", but the watchdog agency rejected that defense.

We considered that young children would be unlikely to understand the innuendo in the ads.  However, although it was not sexually explicit, the innuendo was sufficiently strong to present a problem if it was heard by older children.  We concluded that the ads could cause harm to children and, because they had not been scheduled away from times when children might be listening, had not been appropriately scheduled.  

On this point, the ads breached CAP (Broadcast) Radio Advertising Standards Code section 2 rules 8 (Scheduling) and 11 (Children and younger listeners).

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