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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Lawsuit For Sacha Baron Cohen

Richelle Olson, Executive Director of Desert Valley Charities, is suing Sacha Baron Cohen and NBC Universal over an incident which she alleges occured during the filming of his new movie "Bruno." Ms. Olson says that during one scene, she was injured when Mr. Cohen, playing the part of Bruno, participating in a bingo game, began using foul language. She tried to take the microphone away from him, and he resisted. She was injured, both by Mr. Cohen and by members of the crew. She is suing for assault, battery, and loss of marital relations, among other things. Read more here in a BBC story, and here in a Detroit Free Press story. Here's more from See also here.

Mr. Cohen and his previous film "Borat" were the subject of numerous lawsuits.

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