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Friday, May 8, 2009

Is the Miss California/USA Photo Flap Nearly Over?

CNN reports that Miss California/USA pageant officials have called a press conference for Monday to announce whether they will "dethrone" current title holder Carrie Prejean over photos that have surfaced showing her semi-nude at a lingerie shoot. Miss Prejean maintains the pictures were taken when she was 17 and before she understood the implications of the photo session. Pageant officials and attorneys have been huddled for several days discussing the fine print in the contract that all pageant contestants sign, agreeing to disclose the existence of "nude or semi-nude photos." The CNN story indicates that Ms. Prejean will not be at the press conference, and that 1st runner up Tami Farrell will be in attendance, suggesting that Ms. Prejean's reign might be measured in days. We'll see...

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