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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Votes Are In--It's Colbert By a Landslide

ABC News first reported this tidbit a few days ago, but the votes are now in. Pseudocommentator Stephen Colbert got his real fans to keyboard in his name as the moniker for the International Space Station's new add-on, and it seems that they've stuffed the ballot boxes. While NASA has an out (it gets to choose the final name of the new room--agency discretion), I suspect Mr. Colbert, and very likely his friend Mr. Stewart from the Daily Show, will have endless grist for their mills if Astronaut Central does not let "The Colbert Room," (or would that be "The Colbert Cubbyhole," "Cabin" or "Cubicle"?) make its appearance. Maybe we could name an asteroid after him instead.

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