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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bale Apologizes; Meanwhile BBC Broadcasts Part of Unedited Tape

Christian Bale has apologized for the tirade he loosed at "Terminator 4" director of photography Shawn Hurlbut, saying he (Bale) "acted like a punk." He delivered the mea culpa via phone to an L.A. radio station. Meanwhile both the rant and the apology have gotten international attention, getting the BBC into yet another on-air problem. BBC One Breakfast hosts went to what they thought was an edited version of Mr. Bale's explosion at Mr. Hurlbut, but it turned out--oops--to be the entire, unedited Mount Vesuvius. Says the BBC, "The actor's outburst includes the use of the F-word 35 times in just over four minutes." The BBC's spokesperson said, "A technical error led to us broadcasting an unacceptable swear word." The BBC's sorry, too.

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