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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Judge Grants "Narrowcasting" Motion In P2P Lawsuit

A federal judge has granted the defendants' motion to "narrowcast" the proceedings in the P2P lawsuit brought by Capitol Records and Sony BMG. Judge Nancy Gertner wrote that "recording and broadcast falls squarely within the public interest....“Public” today has a new resonance, especially in this case. The claims and issues at stake involve the internet, file-sharing practices, and digital copyright protections. The Defendants are primarily members of a generation that has grown up with the internet, who get their news from it, rather than from the traditional forms of public communication, such as newspapers or television. Indeed, these cases have generated widespread public attention, much of it on the internet. Under the circumstances, the particular relief requested -- “narrowcasting” this proceeding to a public website -- is uniquely appropriate."

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