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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lens Fight At the Jolie-Pitt Corral

Security guards and the papparazzi fought it out at the Jolie/Pitt place. According to the gendarmes, some papparazzi who managed to get themselves onto the couple's property, apparently wanting photos of the new babies, got caught and had it out with the family's hired security. Each side said the other caused bodily harm. Read more here.

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FCC Approves XM and Sirius Merger

FCC Commissioner Deborah Tate has voted in favor of the XM Satellite/Sirius merger, after the companies agreed to settle nearly $20 million in fines for violating FCC rules and provide an "open radio" standard. Read more in an AP story here.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Max Mosley Suing Das Bild

Fresh from his win over News of the World, Max Mosley is now suing the German newspaper Das Bild over its coverage of his SM interactions with prostitutes. Read more here.

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The Art of the Unraveling of the Deal

A CNN story describes how endorsement deals die, sometimes with loud bangs, and sometimes with whimpers, here.

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Eddie Davidson, "Spam King", Found Dead

Eddie Davidson, the "spam king" who escaped from a minimum security facility in Colorado, has been found dead with his wife and child in a vehicle, apparently in a murder-suicide. Another child was found unhurt in the back of the SUV. A third child, who was shot, is being treated for her injuries. It's unclear whether she is related to Mr. Davidson. Read more here in a CBS story.

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UK ISPs Say They Won't Share Private User Info With Government While Policing Illegal Downloading

The Guardian reports that the major ISPs operating in the UK have agreed they will not be part of any attempt to gather personal information while increasing pressure on users not to download illegally. Concerns had been raised that such private information might be shared with the government by ISPs, but the service providers moved to allay user fears. Read more here.

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"Friends" Dispute, Facebook Style, Leads To Liability and Damages

Two friends have a fight. Not uncommon. But one of the ex-friends decides on revenge, and he carries it out by creating a fake profile on Facebook and posting "confidential details" about the other individual. It happened to businessman Mathew Firsht after he had a falling out with Grant Raphael, and Mr. Raphael created just such a profile for Mr. Firsht on Facebook. This week, a British judge found Mr. Raphael liable for 17,000 pounds in damages for libel and invasion of privacy to Mr. Firsht, and for 5000 pounds in damages to Mr. Firsht's company, Applause Store Productions, which handles work for such shows as Big Brother. Read more here.

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The Max Mosley Case: Reflections

More on the Max Mosley case: Janine Gibson of the Guardian here says "privacy is the new libel", Dan Tench evaluates the last ten years of privacy law here, the Guardian gives an overview of the case here, and offers an editorial on the case here.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Judge Orders Craigslist To Turn Over Name of Oscar Ticket Seller

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) now knows who posted an ad on Craigslist offers tickets to this year's event. A state judge told the popular website it had to disclose who offered the goods for sale. AMPAS does not allow ticketholders to sell or otherwise transfer the tickets. Read more here.

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New Group Challenges SAG Leadership

Thirty one actors in Hollywood, including Amy Brenneman ("Private Practice", "Judging Amy") and Ned Vaughn ("Navy NCIS") have emerged as challengers to the Screen Actors Guild leadership and propose, under the name "Unite for Strength" to move the union off dead center and its refusal to negotiate with AMPTP to a position that they consider more productive. Unite for Strength is fielding a slate of candidates against incumbent President Alan Rosenberg and his supporters; elections are scheduled in August. But new talks with the studios are a problem; none are foreseen. Read more here.

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Hilden On Defamation and the Internet

FindLaw's Julie Hilden discusses how, in terms of defamation, the defendant-friendly Internet encourages the independent contractor model, and why Big Media might want to move toward it more vigorously--to cut down on economic losses and to minimize liability.

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Much Grand Jury Testimony In Rosenberg Case Unsealed; Greenglass Testimony Still Secret

The Second Circuit has ordered the federal government to release much of the grand jury testimony in the treason trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, sealed since 1951. The George Washington University National Security Archive had initiated the action. The Rosenbergs were eventually convicted and executed in 1953. However, Judge Alvin Hellerstein refused to unseal the testimony of Douglas Greenglass, Mrs. Rosenberg's brother, who is still living, and had opposed the unsealing of his testimony. Mr. Greenglass is widely viewed as having been a key prosecution witness. Read more in a New York Times article here. Read more about the Rosenberg trial here at Doug Linder's excellent Famous Trials website.

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More On Product Placement

Another piece on product placement in US TV...

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Newsquest No Longer Accepting Ads For "Adult Services"

Newsquest Media Group, one of the UK's biggest media companies, is no longer accepting ads for "adult services", in an effort to address sex trafficking. The decision is being hailed as a great step forward. Read more here.

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Next Up: Sienna Miller's Invasion of Privacy Suit

Now, on to the next invasion of privacy suit--why, it's Sienna Miller's, and she's suing News of the World, the Sun, and a photo agency over pix and stories that have appeared about her and actor Balthazar Getty recently. Read more here in a Guardian article.

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Mosley Wins Lawsuit, No Punitives in Invasion of Privacy Suit Against News of the World

Max Mosley has won his invasion of privacy suit against News of the World, Mr. Justice Eady finding no newsworthiness in the paper's coverage of the sex acts that it revealed. "...[T]here was no public interest or other justification for the clandestine recording, for the publication of the resulting information and still photographs, or for the placing of the video extracts on the News of the World website - all of this on a massive scale." However, the judge did not award the punitive damages that the plaintiff had sought. News of the World also faces a large legal bill. Here's background from the Guardian on the Mosley case.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Best Practices" For Online Video From a Chronicle Interview

Here's what Pat Aufderheide, head of the Center for Social Media at American University, says about fair use rules for using video clips in the nonprofit and academic setting.

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Former Co-Anchor Charged In Alycia Lane Case

The ABA Journal's Martha Neil reports that a former coworker of Alycia Lane's apparently burrowed into her emails and also into her communications with her attorney, and as a result is being charged with a federal crime. Larry Mendte was "obsessed" with Ms. Lane, who lost her position with a Philadelphia TV station after her personal and professional life collided earlier this year. Mr. Mendte and Ms. Lane co-anchored the news at KYW-TV for four years. Here's more from the Philadelphia Daily News.

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Julie Hilden on Gary Condit's Defamation Lawsuit Against Dominick Dunne

FindLaw's Julie Hilden discusses the dismissal of former Congressman Gary Condit's defamation lawsuit against Dominick Dunne. Mr. Dunne had made what Mr. Condit considered offensive and slanderous remarks about him on "Larry King Live" in 2005.

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More On That Channel 4 Global Warming Documentary

Here's background and reaction to the Ofcom ruling on Channel 4's documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle. Here's George Monbiot's commentary.

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