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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Radio Host Says BBC Offers Cheat Sheets To Celebrity Mastermind Participants

The BBC may be facing another controversy after radio host Victoria Derbyshire said she was told she could have a "crib sheet" (or cheat sheet) if she thought she needed one while competing on the celebrity version of the popular show "Mastermind." Ms. Derbyshire told producers she was anxious about knowing enough about her chosen subject, Thomas Hardy's novels, and was told she could have such a sheet. A BBC spokesperson, however, responded that "Celebrity Mastermind does not provide contestants with 'crib sheets' and all contestants work hard in the run-up to the recording ... If a contestant is struggling to find adequate information production can point them towards these in order to prevent them from using unsuitable material." Ms. Derbyshire eventually did not participate on the program. Celebrity participants, like regular participants, are supposed to have knowledge about their chosen subjects, but we assume the public would not want to see a favorite celebrity look ignorant on camera. Read more in a Guardian article here. Here's another article on the subject from the Daily Mail.

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