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Friday, December 5, 2008

Ofcom Sanctions Digital Channel For Misleading Ads

Ofcom has pounced again, this time on Venus TV, a digital channel popular with the British Asian community. The situation was referred to Ofcom by the Advertising Standards Authority, which was concerned by Venus TV's ads regarding Golden Bull Kastoori Capsules, Jorge Hane Weight Loss, Pandith Astrology, Pundit Maharaj astrology, and Roopamrit face cream and had issued adjudications to that effect last year. Read the ASA's ruling on Healtheeze (Golden Bull capsules) here, the ruling on Jorge Hane weight loss here, Pandith astrology here, Pundit Maharaj astrology here, and Roopamrit face cream here. [In 2004 Ofcom began referring some broadcast tv regulation to the ASA].

Ofcom told the channel that several of its ads merited sanctions and if such breaches occured in future, would be "considered seriously." Read the entire ruling here.

Read a Guardian article on the subject here.

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