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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fan Site Shuts Down Links To Fan-Edited Films

Via the blog Studio Briefing News comes this item: the website has shut down in the face of a legal threat from the Motion Picture Association of America, which says that its fans' practice of re-editing or transforming films is copyright infringement. Here's what the site says:


We all knew this day would come, but on the other side we all hoped, it would never. 3 days ago the MPAA has filed a DMCA warning against our download links. The result: 2 days of downtime, in which we removed all download links and all reference to them, making just a showcase for fanedits without any possibility for the visitor to download.
Our torrents page: Gone. Our Rapidshare lists: gone. And it’s the same on the forum.
Yes, this is a heavy and painful blow by the movie industry against a free art form, against creativity without commercial interest, against sharing between people, who all own the original versions. It seems you own your own DVDs a lot less than you thought you did.
BUT: We will prevail. Even without the links we will continue to inform you about new releases, because one thing is for sure: FANEDITS ARE NOT DEAD. It is just a bit more difficult to get a hold of them. But the internet is a vast place and he who searches will find it somewhere else.

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