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Thursday, October 23, 2008

George Washington Law Review Issue Devoted to Access to the Media

In volume 76 of the June issue of the George Washington Law Review, "Access to the Media--1967 to 2007 and Beyond: A Symposium Honoring Jerome A. Barron's Path-Breaking Article". The issue includes

Introductory Remarks:  The Honorable Stephen G. Breyer

Access Reconsidered:    Jerome A. Barron

Substantive Media Regulation in Three Dimensions: Gregory P. Magarian

No Time For Equal Time: A Comment on Professor Magarian's Substantive Media Regulation in Three Dimensions:  Ellen P. Goodman

Hohfeld's First Amendment:  Frederick Schauer

Media Access: A Question of Design:  Jack M. Balkin

New Media In Old Bottles? Barron's Contextual First Amendment and Copyright in the Digital Age:

Neil Weinstock Netanel

Power Without Responsibility: Intermediaries and the First Amendment: Rebecca Tushnet

The Right of Reply and Freedom of the Press: An International and Comparative Perspective: Kyu Ho Youm

A Reply to The Right of Reply: Stephen Gardbaum

Make Time for Equal Time: Can the Equal Time Rule Survive a John Stewart Media Landscape?: Jonathan D. Jamow

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