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Monday, April 7, 2008

Corporation Sues The Guardian Over Articles

Corporate giant Tesco is suing the Guardian for defamation over a series of articles and a podcast that allege that the retailer has engaged in tax fraud. Said Tesco's executive director of corporate and legal affairs, "It is very regrettable that we have had to take this step. We had hoped that the Guardian would be able to accept that it had made a mistake and apologise for what it had written, but despite our requests to them to set the record straight this has not happened." However, the Guardian stands behind its stories and called Tesco's lawsuit  "bullying." "This looks like a deliberate tactic by Britain's largest retailer to shut down perfectly legitimate inquiries into their methods of tax avoidance. At the same time that two Tesco directors are reported to have lobbied the government in private on matters of taxation, the company is now seeking to chill public debate on the same issues."

Tesco has also sued other critics of its policies. See here.

Read more here in a Guardian article.

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