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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Call To the FCC To Update Its Attitude Toward "Broadcast Indecency"

In a piece in the Hollywood Reporter, James Hibberd suggests that the FCC "needs to face reality" concerning broadcast indecency and stop trying to encase the networks in a "morality bubble."

At a time when broadcasters face unprecedented financial challenges amid increasing competition from new media, the FCC's pursuit of fines for more than 5-year-old semi-naughty clips make broadcasters and their government watchdog seem archaic.

Any lurid video imaginable is freely available online. Cable and satellite providers offer programming ranging from G-rated to X. The FCC's complaints represent a throwback to the delivery universe of yesteryear, when government-monitored public airwaves were the only way Americans could receive video programming in their home.

The notion that the FCC still is somehow protecting civic virtue by attacking five broadcasters amid an increasingly interconnected digital media landscape that's exploding with video content is downright nostalgic.

Read the rest of his piece here.

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