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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Translation Available of "" Case

Henrik Stakemann Spang-Hanssen has published a translation of the "" court ruling. It is available via SSRN here. Here is an abstract of the case.

This is an English translation of the Danish injunction order in the so-called case decided on 5 February 2008 by the Bailiff's Court of Frederiksberg (Copenhagen).

Plaintiffs are the music industry. Defendant is a Danish ISP. The court ordered defendant - a Danish telephone company - to block its customers from access to the Swedish website, which help users get music files from each other.

Indirectly, the case involves the international issue of how to block online access to information or business from foreign countries and thus hinder international exchange of data - one of the main purposes with the Internet.

It also involved the problems copyright holders are having online to protect their interests.

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