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Monday, March 24, 2008

Results of FCC Auction

So, who came out a winner in the recent FCC auction of the spectrum? Apparently, the usual suspects--AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which were the high bidders ($16 billion of the total $19 billion bid). Verizon Wireless took nearly every license available in the "C" block--the section in which Google was expected to snap up some licenses but ultimately did not; Google went home a bridesmaid. However, its participation did trigger the "open access" requirements (based on bidding hitting a minimum reserve).  Frontier Wireless, owned by EchoStar, bid about 3/4 of a billion for a bunch of licenses. Finally, no bidder offered enough toward that significant "D" block separated out for an emergency communications network--minimum price was $1.3 billion. The FCC says it will investigate why that part of the auction failed to attract enough interest.

Here's what Commissioner Adelstein and FCC Chair Martin had to say about the recently completed auction.

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