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Thursday, March 6, 2008

More On "Love and Consequences"

Here's more on the repercussions from the discovery that Margaret B. Jones's memoir Love and Consequences is a hoax. In this article from yesterday's New York Times, Motoko Rich interviews those who worked with the author, now revealed to be Margaret Selzer, who discuss what they did to try to verify the material in the book, and what she did to forestall being found out. Riverhead Books, the publisher of Love and Consequences, is offering refunds to purchasers of the book. In Ms. Rich's new NYT article, published today, she notes that the foundation Ms. Selzer claims to have set up for the welfare of urban young people seems to be difficult to track down.

Here's discussion from NPR's Tell Me More on why writers fabricate their supposed autobiographies, memoirs, or other writings.

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